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Jessica L. Ransom

Executive Producer/Writer/Director

Executive Producer, Jessica L. Ransom, decided to write this story based on her life experiences being single in NYC,  dealing with unrequited loves,  coming out, and working in a professional setting/trying to "make it" in the Big Apple. Now, Ransom is not a lawyer like "Abby" in #Roommates but she has worked as  a producer in reality tv and advertising for a number of years. Her clients include: True Entertainment, Leftfield Pictures, MTV, Vh1, Teen Mom, PR Newswire, JWT, BET, etc. Ransom is also in the process of pitching a television series in which she wrote, produced, edited, and directed called Envy, Ransom partnered with Veronica Heffron to produce Envy in 2014, and they are now working together to produce #Roommates. #Roommates is the first film produced and directed by Jessica L. Ransom.

Veronica Heffron

Executive Producer/Casting Director

Veronica Heffron is the CEO of Girls on Film, a production company which strives to produce works in film, photography, and events while highliting the talents of a female staff. A native Wisconsinite, Veronica moved to New York in 2002 to pursue acting and found her love of film & television production 10 years later. Since then she has produced works with JLR Media including; Envy TV Series, #Roommates, Hand-Picked Copihue, and is currently writing the screenplay; The Stonewall 8. Please join the movement here:


The #Roommates Team  is devoted to diversity and on a mission to work with women, people of color, LGBT persons in order to give a voice  and create awareness about a multitude of issues today. Additional crew members include:  Associate Producer/Assistant Editor - Lindsey Seide, Director of Photography - Fletcher Wolfe, Post Coordinator Aubrey Myers and so on!

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